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+(Re)-Birth Dragon

+(Re)-Birth Dragon

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Introducing our Rebirth Dragon Leggings, a true masterpiece in wearable art. What sets these leggings apart is the use of sublimation printing, a high-end digital technique that transfers the actual photograph of the painting onto the fabric.

This collaboration between design and artistry creates a pattern of unparalleled quality and uniqueness. With only 22 pairs made, each one is truly an art piece. People who have worn them attest to their versatility, taking them from the club to yoga to work and beyond.

Designed with careful consideration of anatomy, these leggings are not just adorned with the painting but crafted to enhance the body's dimensions. Even in yoga inversions, the leggings tell a captivating story, adding a fifth-dimensional depth to the artwork.

Made from 12-15 recycled plastic bottles in Canada, specifically in Montreal, these leggings are built to last a lifetime.

Unlike some high-priced alternatives, they won't wear out or develop holes over time. The true selling point lies in their ability to showcase and elevate the artwork, making every wear an experience worth cherishing.

Invest in these leggings, and you're not just purchasing clothing; you're acquiring a piece of artistry that will stand the test of time.

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